This year, for his birthday, my son wanted “a ton of mini posters” for his room. I took this as a personal challenge, a challenge to help him decorate his room with everything he loves, and let me tell you – hunting the internet for the perfect images was a lot of fun! We decorated with everything from movies, to sports to video games to favorite TV shows…




but, one of his favorite parts were the letters I found to spell out his name.

I discovered Flickr user Leo Reynolds, who has some incredible photography to share! He allows users to download high-res images for personal use. He has a collection of letters (and numbers, if you prefer) that he has taken. Hundreds of each letter to choose from to spell whatever you like – however you like. I can see some really cool title-work on your pages, or you could do like I did and create some fun art for your home!

For those who may be interested in a little more detail on my project….I used a lot of high-res wallpapers (google search for “theme wallpaper” and see what you get). But, you can use any images you want! It could even be fun with just some fun papers. This could be a fun way to do a gallery wall, print your layouts, or create a photo wall that’s easy to change!

I cropped the images I selected down to either 5×5 or 5×7, depending on the image and sent them out to Costco for printing. Costco’s quality may not be as high as other places, but I personally really like their lustre paper and, their cost really can’t be beat. Costco prints both 5×7 and 5×5 at very reasonable prices, which is great for a 10-year-old whose tastes change weekly! I used masking tape to hang them above his closet and door, in that skinny area that not a whole lot else fits into. He absolutely loves them! It was an easy, inexpensive and fun gift!

I think this could be a great way to get some of your layouts printed and on display! Imagine a wall of layouts above your desk or in your entry way…..

How have you used your digital layouts or work around your house? Any other fun (cheap) ways to decorate using photographs? I’d love to hear them!