The very, very best part of going to England (Sherwood Forest,Harry Potter!) was finally meeting Lou (LouCee Creations):


It’s possible we are twins separated at birth., except I’m the outgoing one & she’s the quiet one… or so she insists. But it wasn’t just me who fell in love with Lou. Dane immediately felt he belonged.  In fact, if he’d had his way I think he’d be home with Miss Louise & Mr. Pete right now.


Especially Mr. Pete. Dane & Pete were best buddies almost immediately.  The two of them thick as thieves and trying out new things, like blowing acorn whistles, from the get go.


On Sunday evening, just as we finished Sherwood Forest and a trip to Warhammer World for Dave, Louise & Pete were driving through Nottingham on their way home.  They’d driven up to Lakenheath for Cole’s game (and me!) and stayed the night with Pete’s mum.  We, being crazy road trippers, drove up & down in a day.  God, England is so beautiful.

Pete had highly recommend Englands oldest inn: Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem. So of course, there’s where we were headed for our evening  beers & meal. Louise texted that they were on their way, and they’d meet us there.  Lou! Two days in a row!  I almost burst with happiness.

Please note that this Inn extends into the castle wall.  This should be on everyone’s bucket list.


As soon as Lou & Pete got to the Inn, we forgot about all Lou & Pete. Lou & Pete brought Roman! The most beautiful, adorable, perfect poodle ever. I am officially in love.

We tried very hard to kidnap (dognap?) Roman. Once Dane spied Roman, it was over. It was his dog.  The two wandered the pub, made friends, begged treats (God I love England) and in general were perfectly suited for one another.  Roman even made it into our family photo under the Nottingham Castle at the base of the official Robin Hood statue:


At the end of the evening, when we really had to say goodbye.  Both Dane & Roman took a moment alone.  Having friends all over the world is wonderful. Saying goodbye is not.