Today, I think more than ever, it is important we take a moment of silence, and introspection, and honor our veterans.  Being a soldier is not just a job, it is a calling.  Our men and women sign a blank check when they serve; up to and including giving their life.  Sometimes, despite surviving, their life is gone anyway.  It takes bravery, dedication and a fierce love of country to be a soldier. My sincere thanks, love and admiration go to all our men & women in the services.

Being an Army wife I know many who serve, or have served, too many to list here, but my heart is with them. Always.  Especially my beautiful boy, my Marine, my Christian.  It has been two years since I’ve held him in my arms and that sucks. It makes me cry even as I type. He is again deployed, but not to Afghanistan this time. He is safer this time, but my heart still hurts. My mind still worries. And yet, I am so incredibly proud of him.

This past summer we traveled to Normandy, France so Dave could be part of the 71st commemoration of D-Day: June 6, 1944 (Saint-Mère-Église, Omaha Beach). Not only did Dave jump with Liberty Jump Team in a recreation of the infamous Iron Mike jump landing in a field at La Fière, near Ste.-Mère-Église, after we had the extreme privilege to be invited to General Gavin’s old home on La Fière, now owned by the organizers of Liberty Jump Team.

In between jumps and commeration ceremonies, we took the time to visit each of the historically significant battlefields in Normandy. At Omaha Beach we were honored to meet Birney T. “Chick” Havey, one of a handful of WWII vets there to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day.

Dave and I both had strong, emotional, reactions just being in Normandy. Standing on Utah Beach. Standing on Omaha Beach. Being there, were this furious, deadly, battle was fought. The bravery of our WWII vets, not just during the war, but now, returning to Normandy, standing where they once fought, is unfathomable.  My respect and admiration knows no bounds. Today, Veterans Day, I again remember and pray for all our veterans.  Thank you.


Birney T. “Chick” Havey

PFC Havey is a World War II combat veteran from St. Louis, Missouri, who served in the 42 “Rainbow” Division, 222nd Infantry Anti-Tank Company as a combat paratrooper. Chick was the tip of the “spear”.

Chick earned three battle stars, in combat at the Battle of Northern France, the Battle of the Bulge and Task Force Linden under General Patton’s 3rd Army and the Invasion of Germany, including the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp in April 1945.

~ Source ETO Tours




Birney T. “Chick” Havey and Dave


Iron Mike at La Fiere

IMG_7444 copy

French parachutist during the Iron Mike jump

IMG_7530 copy

Dave, in WWII uniform, Oma, Tess en Dane

IMG_7554 copy

General Gavin’s house on La Fiere

IMG_7548 copy

Tess & Dave at Iron Mike jump at La Fiere

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Liberty Jump Team