I love coming across a new idea that makes my life a little easier – so today, I am sharing a few tricks that you might also find handy!

If you’re like me, you have loyalty cards to a million stores – some let you use your phone number, others require the card – and the rewards are always good – but my wallet couldn’t handle anymore! So I used this simple trick to get them all together! One bit of advice, make sure not to punch through the barcode or electronic strip on the back!

DIY Gift card organizing key ring


This simple trick, and one that doesn’t take up any space, has saved me room in several drawers. The image shows bobby pins – but I use it for paperclips, nails and some of my sewing pins and needles as well!



I love using filler in my candle jars and flower vases – but you need so much! This handy trick lets you use a little less, and also makes a nice spot to rest a dish or candle holder on top of. If you just want a filled jar, pop a piece of tape over the top of the tube so nothing falls inside!


Dry erase markers are super handy if you have a place to use them. Pick up a cheap frame on clearance, pop a piece of patterned paper inside or design something fun – and you have a beautiful dry erase board. I use one for our weekly menu and one for homework and other kid-tasks – they work well! I think I might even make a Christmas countdown one this year!

menu board_thumb[1]


And there you have it, for just a few dollars and a few minutes – you can save some time and space in your life – might be handy as we gear up for hosting lots of company this holiday season!