Recently I moved my office downstairs, in the little room off the entry way, near the kitchen.  Ostensibly so I could stop burning dinner so much. One of the benefits of working from home is having a warm, hot, delicious, not-burned dinner on the table every night… unless you get so caught up in work, emails, brilliant ideas and computer gremlins that you forget all about dinner.

I used to have my office upstairs, sharing the extra huge room that takes up half the second story with Dane. His dresser and toy shelves made a neat divider between my office, and his bedroom.  Sadly, the neat divider did not keep all the lego’s on his side of the room.  At least, not out of the unmarked path between my desk and the door.  I cannot tell you how often I stepped (and screamed) on lego’s on my way to get more coffee or check on dinner. Or how often I would forget to check on dinner in a timely fashion.

When Cole turned 18 this Fall, we moved him downstairs to the “guest” apartment.  He needed more space, and he needs to learn to live on his own before leaving the nest next year.  Plus, that opened up the little room off the entry way, Cole’s old bedroom, for my new office. Win-Win-Win! And win! It would mean no more lego’s under my feet!

I’ve now been in my new office three weeks. I’ve burned dinner twice (an improvement!), Cole is still eating dinner with us (and complaining about the burned dinners) and I’ve stepped on lego’s every day.  That very first day in my new, shiny, freshly-painted office, Dane lugged in a huge plastic container filled with lego Star Wars and lined up his storm troopers to fight against the Jedi. The very first day I again stepped on lego’s.  Working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Today is Saturday. Dad’s home and Dane & Dad are exploring the virtual world of a new game, something about space farming?  Today there are no lego’s near my feet.  I’m happily barefoot and painfree.  So instead of stormtroopers & Jedi, I have some of my favorite pictures of Dane from a single day last summer: