Today I’m reblogging an old post from October, 2009, when we first arrived in Germany.  I accidentally found this earlier this week & I’m in love with baby Dane.

We had a super fantastic day at the Sensapolis today! This is an amazing hands-on playpark like NOTHING you’ve seen in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. And while I loved absolutely everything about it, the tiny cup-of-coffee I got was really not to my liking. Give me a Starbucks over german tasse any day!


Our first experience at the Sensapolis was the spaceship… complete with escape slides like no other. The dad convinced the daughter to go down the death slide. Can you see the look of terror on her face? See, the thing is, she knew what she in for. Me on the other hand? After losing my bunch, I decided to trek up to the top of the spaceship& slide down the 10 & over slide. A dark tube through space. Cool. Nuh-UH!

That puppy started off like a normal slide and then, all of a sudden, the bottom dropped out & I was hanging in MIDAIR. Seriously. MIDAIR. I screamed like a little girl. Those are some seriously scary slides (I stole a photo off the interwebs.. that is NOT me!):

Highspeedrutsche (2)Of course the 20+ slides were nothing compared to, get this, the ropes course up in the air. UP BY THE CEILING they had a bunch of logs for you to walk across. Oh yeah. You needed a harness, safety gear, helmet and a whole-lot-of-bravery to do this. Here’s me & #3 son, 17, giving it a shot. For superb pictures of how high, how scary this is go to Sensapolis itself.


Awww heck, I’ll blatantly steal one of theirs to give you a sense of how crazy this is:

You are literally up by the ceiling, above everyone’s head, no safety net, and that stuff shakes & wiggles… OHmiGaaaaaaaaaawd! To top it all of, the lady before me? At least 6 months pregnant if not 7 or 8. Germans are crazy.

We laughed our so hard when we saw the ball pit for the babies. Ball pits are fun. Babies love ball pits! But this ball pit, had a 4-5 story cage built around it. And each level of the cage had an air-pressured ball shooting gun on it. To shoot balls at the babies. ROFL! My husband had a delightful time up there.

Here you can see Dave shooting away, a level above him is our baby running free. That’s another thing here, kids run free so much more. Our kids are in Heaven and I’m slowly starting to relax. It’s a wonderful change of pace (except for those darn coffee cups)





And because it’s Germany, it is the land of the pigs. I’m enjoying my pig beer and dangling from my rear view mirror is my new car freshner:


I am sooooooooooo lucky.