The very first week we arrived in Germany, we discovered Butterbrezel.  Quite simply, soft baked pretzels, sliced in half, spread with butter.  Not so simply, the absolute deliciousness of the pretzel and the butter.  It was, it is, like crack. Soooo addicting. I’m pretty sure 9 of the 10 pounds I gained those first three months are from Butterbrezel alone.

We spent those first three months in a hotel in the downtown of a small city on the edges of Stuttgart.  On every corner, under our hotel even, there were bakeries.  Unlike French or Dutch bakkeries, most German bakeries do not offer many sweets (they have special bakeries called Konditorei).  The sweets they do offer aren’t very sweet.  We quickly learned that muffins & cinnamon rolls weren’t to our taste, but the Butterbrezel?  We couldn’t get enough.

I still can’t get enough. Once a week, more if we have guests, we have fresh bread delivered to the house before we wake up.  We all live for bakery-delivery day!  That is the morning we all have fresh, sometimes still warm, brezel. I cannot describe what an incredible treat this is. So. Yummy.

The last two weeks I’ve been distracted.  My mind has been on the store and my house is a mess.  Even worse? I forgot to order bread. No bread. For three weeks now.  I’m not sure who is saddest, but I’m definitely in the top five.  In comes Dane, my hero.

Our little village has very little, but it does have a corner store with the essentials and access to the same home delivery bakery that delivers to my doorstep.  Every morning they get a fresh delivery of bread, and again in the afternoon. Dane knows this.  Yesterday Dane took his pocket money to school, and on the way home stopped at the corner store and got me & him each our very own, delicious, fresh, oh-so-yummy Butterbrezel!  I love Dane!


Just for fun, because I couldn’t resist, Dane & Cole six years ago shortly after we moved to Germany. What a big change!