My kids love dogs.  Like, really, really love dogs.  Sadly we have a couple strikes against us.  We move a lot, that’s hard to explain to a pet when you don’t speak dog, and Cole is incredibly allergic. I do my best to get the kids dog-love whenever, however, I can. Sadly, since our dear friends lost their beloved Bey (Beowulf), our pet adventures have been few & far in between. In comes Jack.

Jack is a cockapoo.  Cockapoo’s are non-allergenic, exceedingly adorable, smart and funny.  Jack is not ours. Luckily Jack does not like roadtrips, so this week Jack is ours while his family roadtrips to Paris. Right now my house is the loudest house on the block. Probably the loudest house in the village. There is laughing, running, giggling and constant:

“Jack! Jack! Jack!” – ing. Poor Jack.  Though in all honesty, he seems very happy to be the center of attention.

I did try to silence the cacophony by trying to get a perfect picture of Jack.  Jack even cooperated a bit.  However.

  1. He is a dog.
  2. He is a black dog.

Black dogs are very, very hard to photograph.  I went to the sunniest room in the house (we have a Wintergarden, or glass room) and shot him wide open. Letting in as much light as I could.  I think I’m going to enjoy having Jack as much as the kids are enjoying having Jack. I love a good challenge!