sd-notes-header-StudioWe always appreciate it when our blog readers leave requests for specific tutorials. We’re here to help you as  you document your memories in your scrapbook pages and projects!

This week’s tutorial is in response to a request from Susan:  “Can you recommend an easy way to remember fonts, kit names, designers’ names, or just anything at all that I want to be able to remember on a page I create?”

I’m happy to say that there is an easy way for Photoshop users to keep notes on their pages, and that is with the Note Tool. (Thank you to our forum member Bright Eyes for the information about Photoshop Elements: PS Elements has a place to store the layout information. Under File -> File info – it is located about halfway down the dropdown. Click to open it and you can list whatever you used for creating the page.)

The Note tool is nested with the Eye Dropper Tool in the Tool Panel.  Left click on the Eyedropper Tool to access the other tool options, then click on the Note Tool.


Once you have clicked on the Note Tool, move your cursor into your document.  Your cursor will change into a small note icon. Click anywhere in the document, and a small yellow note icon will be added. It doesn’t matter where you click; you can move the note out of the way later.


A Notes Panel will open and you can type whatever reminders you would like to keep for reference.


Once you are finished making your notes, you can move the note icon off your document into the canvas, if you like.  Save your document as a PSD (or TIFF) file, and your notes will be available for you the next time you open your document.


Thanks, Susan, for this helpful tutorial suggestion!

Credits: The layout pictured was created by me, SnickerdoodleDesigns, using My Heart Lives Here, and a Hot Pocket Template created by Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes.

Jill  is generously offering her template as a freebie for us!  You can download it by clicking on the image below!  Thanks, Jill!


If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here: Using the Note Tool in Photoshop

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Using the Note Tool in Photshop