Occasionally I get questions.  Okay, I lie.. I get a lot of questions.  But in this case I’m talking about Faithbooking.  What is it? Why is it?  What do I do with it? And the answer is simple.  It is for you.

Some of us have faith.  Some of us don’t.  Some believe in God. Some in a higher power. Some in something different.  Faithbooking is for all of us.

This week has been hard for me.  It crept up on me. It wasn’t hard at first. It was, and still is, so incredibly happy.  But I realized my eye was drawn to the Faithbooking layouts in our Facebook group. I always enjoy them. I find them so beautiful, so peaceful to look at and admire the details.  This time, it was a little bit more. I was almost hyper focused on them.


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I had a little alone time today.  A little quiet time while Dave took the kids out to the game store. Apparently more toys were needed. Who knew?  I happily sat at my desktop, pulled up work and started knocking out little projects and emails.  And Skype rang. It was my mom & sister from California, checking to see how the weekend had been, how it was having Christian home (HE IS HERE!), and I just cried. I surprised them. I surprised me.

It is fantastic having Christian home.  There is relief, happiness, laughter, love…and as the days crept into a week, I saw the change in him.  The change I didn’t want to see.  The change that isn’t as terrible as I have seen.  But it is a change.  My boy has seen things.  He has been to foreign lands and seen things.  I can see it in his eyes. I can feel it in his hugs. And when he briefly let down the wall he has built up, I heard it in his voice and saw it in his face.  It is killing me.  It hurts me down deeper than I thought my heart went. I cannot imagine how it is for him.

His father and I are surrounding him with love, with everyday life, home-cooked meals, chatter, hugs, games and more love. We are here.  We are stopped in the moment, at home, here.  This is about him. For him.

And I realized why those Faithbooking layouts were calling my name.  I needed peace.  I needed strength. I needed to hold on, wait, and be there for my son.  This is not about me, it is not my time to put me first.  For that I need peace. I need strength.  I used Faithbooking today to get what I need so I can be his rock.

The supplies are all by Jen Maddocks Faithbooking collection, the photo is my own from this weekend. This is how I find my peace.


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