Last week was a rough week. Work, work, work and yet, still, there’s the house, the kids, the hubby and the pony. Once you have a responsibility, no matter what lands on your plate, there’s no shirking the responsibilities. And while I admit I grumbled trying to fit in pony time with my work schedule, once I was with Chin Chin, my day brightened!

It does a body good to get out of the office, especially when the sun is still shining (don’t worry! I have lots of sunscreen on… and usually a hat). Cole came with us, he has AP exams and he’s home early these days.  The pony makes Cole sneeze, but he loves getting a chance to get out and he loves getting a chance to play with my camera. I’m always excited when the kids show interest in my hobbies, whether it’s photography, quilting, snowboarding or horse (pony) riding!

And, as tired as I was, as make-up free as I was, as not-skinny as I am, I do like being in front of the camera too. To my kids, at least Dane, they think I’m perfect so I step in front of the camera whenever asked, even if it’s not a perfect day. I will never be perfect but preserving my memories, as well as those of the kids, that is a chance I will never pass up.  Plus, I really love looking at the things that caught Cole’s eye while he held the camera.

Me & Chin Chin photo by Cole

Chin Chin getting double the love

The start of the trail we ride, photo by Cole

Chin Chin by Cole

Driving home from pony time… it’s fairytale Germany

These steps captured my imagination… where do they go?