In a galaxy, far, far away a photo was taken of me with a Sith Lord.  I lived to tell the tale and now I share my good fortune with all of you!  It is Revenge of the Fifth!

Revenge of the Fifth!

Look for fabulous “Fifth” Deals! We have:

  • $5 Bundles!
  • 5 kits For $5 (look for the Buy Together Tab under the preview)
  • 5 Collections bundled together at special Buy Together pricing!

This Revenge of the Fifth, we have 3 fantabulous ways to save:

  1. $5 Bundles! We’ve put select bundles on sale for $5. Simply add to your cart. Checkout. Done.
  2. We have 5 Kits for $5 using our new Buy Together feature.
    1. Go to our Revenge of the Fifth
    2. Choose a kit:
    3. Scroll past the preview to the Buy Together tab & CLICK!
    4. buy-togetherIf you like what you see, click Add all to cart:
    5. Then choose to keep shopping or checkout! It’s that simple.
  3. Finally, you can also use the Buy Together feature to get a collection of 5 bundles at Buy Together special pricing!

Just in case you are a auditory visual person, like me, I put it in a video too! I may have had a little too much coffee right before filming, I was a little nervous. Forgive my excitement? Forgive my recycling of yesterdays video?

Remember this is just for today! May The Fourth Be With You!