Alright you guys, this last week (and a half) was just one of those weeks you hope you never have to repeat. I felt like I must have really upset the universe or something because I seriously felt like I was falling apart. It all started the Wednesday before Mother’s Day….

We are getting ready to move, and moving a family of five takes a lot of work! I had popped out into our garage to grab a couple of boxes to fill, and as I walked back in the house I smacked my head on our open upper pantry door (it hangs across the garage door when it’s left open). I hit my head hard enough that it jolted me backwards – that’s all I remember until I woke up on the floor a few moments later. (I am just fine, please don’t worry, I got taken care of).

So, now I have this huge bump on my head, super cute right? That apparently wasn’t enough. 2 Mornings later (Friday) I woke up with my neck/shoulder hurting. You know the feeling, when you sleep crooked and just ache….only, my ache wasn’t going away with anything I did. By Sunday, the pain was unbearable so I spent my Mother’s Day at the Orthopedic Clinic getting my shoulder examined. Either my fall or my packing caused me to pull my tendon, aggravating a previous injury. Alright, nothing some taking it easy, fluid aspiration and a shot of Cortisone won’t help, right? Wrong. The Cortisone took the edge off, but several days later it still wasn’t feeling much better so we’re throwing Physical Therapy into the mix. Oh, and I am not to lift my arm above my head or do any heavy lifting or activity for 6 weeks or so. Have I mentioned we’re moving in 2 weeks?

But, when it rains – it pours and the fact that I was injured didn’t stop my kids from pushing the limits! My youngest had been a trooper running errands and to appointments with me all morning, so we stopped to get a smoothie as a special treat. He wanted an orange (color) smoothie, so I ordered mango – unfortunately my threenager decided it wasn’t orange enough and reacted like a toddler by throwing it onto the floor of my car. Most of it landed on the mat, but a good chunk of it was all over the back of the seat and under the seat as well. Normally, pulling out the machine to clean the carpet wouldn’t be a big deal, but it was storming (lightning, thunder, heavy rain….) which made the clean up process that much more fun!

I could keep going – there were so many other little things that just didn’t go my way (broken dishes, rainy baseball games to attend, forgotten appointments, plans changing meaning canceled because babysitters are hard to find last minute…..and then some) – but I won’t. I am really hoping that the bad luck is behind me, and things start going uphill from here!


The Smoothie Disaster of ’16 – I suppose it is pretty yellow….


Being silly is the only thing that stops me from crying when things are as yucky as they’ve been lately. Here I am waiting at the clinic to have my shoulder aspirated….


Pretty good bump there eh? The cupboard also took some skin with it – at least I have a cute, cuddly guy to see me company!

Have you ever had one of those weeks? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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