A couple of months ago, a post came by on Facebook: Comic Con was finally coming to Germany! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total geek, nerd, dork, lover of all things gaming, fantasy & scifi.  This was made for me!  Headlining the list of celebrities… Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion!

I made it through several of Daves’ away-from-home stints watching & re-watching Firefly (Best. Show. Ever.) Jayne & Mal have been my frequent hero’s in my dreams, saving me from scary things only a lover of all things gaming, fantasy & scifi can dream up. When I saw there were fan pictures with Nathan, I could barely choke out Dave’s name before I had his credit card in my hand and the tickets purchased. Score!

I spent months walking around in my cunning Jayne hat, only to lose it the morning of Comic Con Germany. I spent months dreaming of what to say, only to forget it at Comic Con. I spent months being healthy and caring for everyone around me, only to get sick the week of Comic Con.

The Monday before Comic Con I came down with my first ever, knock-me-out, double kidney infection. Awesome.  Getting out of bed was hard. Breathing was painful.  Healing was/is incredibly slow.  The morning of Comic Con I came downstairs and cheered on my Comic Con team: Dave, Tess, Su (daughter of designer Carin Grobe) and her friend Chrissie, then crawled back into bed. At 14:00 Dave called to see if I could handle just an hour, it was SO AWESOME!

So I went for just an incredible, amazing, fantabulous, out-of-this-world one hour and thoroughly cursed my stupid kidneys.  The girls were pretty tired the second day, we all slept in, and a little after noon we went back to Comic Con. I took a pain pill and pretended my pain was gone.  Once at Comic Con, pure adrenaline kicked in and I was truly in no pain, only in Heaven.

By the time I stood next to Nathan Fillion, I was literally seeing stars dance in front of my eyes.  My excitement was palpable and only my pride kept me on my feet when he wrapped his arm around me. I was officially star struck.  Later I had the luck to run into him in the hall and chat briefly, this is one of those memories that will always be in my mind, to pull out during dark moments and treasure.

By Monday I was back in bed and not doing well.  Tuesday another trip to the Doctor, a little IV treatment and stern lecture about what I am, and what I’m most definitely not to, do.  None of that matters.  I sit here at my desk with Captain Tightpants gazing deep in my eyes.  That is a memory I will always have.


The highlight of my year! Captain tightpants himself: Nathan Fillion & Me ❤


Dave, Tess & Dane got to meet the nicest guy EVER! Deathstroke! Manu Bennett himself. He even arm-wrestled Dane.


We are now the proud owners of 1st edition Comic Con Germany t-shirts! Score!


The winners of the Toiny Awards: cutest costume!


Miniature battle game: Lord of the Rings


Winner of the Toiny Awards: scariest costume!


Amazing art by: Barry Jazz Finnegan


Su (daughter of Carin Grobe), Tess and Chrissie


Day Two: Dane got to come! First thing we see? Storm troopers & fighter pilots! Woooooohooooooo!


Not sure why Cole didn’t come. Comic Con is filled with beautiful women of all species & races! Dane was happy ☺


This was too real. Too big for Dane to stand next to by himself LOL!


But predators? Dane happily stood with the predators…. though… they weren’t letting him go till I took the photo. Team Predator!


Rocket & Drax




I have no idea… but I love the horns in the sunlight.


The winner of the Toiny Awards: best Harley Quinn!