I believe I mentioned I love the 4th of July at least once or twice, this year was a little different.  We had a perfect, beautiful day.  Surrounded by friends, old & new, American & German &  Scottish, and the fireworks show was the best our Garrison has ever put on!

But.  There’s always a but, isn’t there? Military life offers many fantabulous opportunities: new friends, travel, a chance to see the world, a steady job… and the flip of the coin: best friends moving away.  My best friend moved away this week (Beowulf; Senior Photo’s; Jalapeno Pepper Jelly). My last night with her was on the 4th.  Early on Tuesday morning I took Sarah, and her husband (kids left with Grandma a week ago), and all their luggage to the airport.

I dropped her and Mike off at the curb, with a cart laden with suitcases, more at their sides, and drove off after the world longest, bestest, hug. Germany was at it’s finest yesterday morning. Rays of sunshine brighten the early morning, streaming down from a smattering of clouds. The bright light spotlighting the beautiful white & red villages as I drove home, past Sarah’s village, and I suddenly felt so alone. So ready to move back to the states too. I hate saying goodbye.

I felt the goodbye strongly on the 4th. Sarah & I sitting side by side in our long sleeves and pants in the shade (we both have skin cancer, and take turns driving each other to our appointments Have you checked your skin today?). Sarah jumping up and hugging other friends goodbye. Me watching her, swallowing my tears, trying to enjoy my other friends, my new friends, sitting by me too, offering love. Offering support. And while I am blessed, so incredibly blessed, with other friends. With new friends. My heart hurts. I miss my Sarah.

A big thank you to my wonderful friend Mandy for taking pictures on the 4th. I wasn’t up to it. My eyes were too watery. My camera stayed in it’s bag. I am forever grateful she came too… and took pictures for me.


Dane and best bud Ilias ❤


Riding the swing carousel! My favorite ride EVER!


Celebrating the 4th with our German friends on base!


Showing off all their swag


Our fantabulous, never-tired USO!


Fireworks over the stage


Part I of the grand finale!


I wonder what the German neighbors think?

Our Garrison video of the entire 4th of July fireworks: