This weekend our wonderful friends from our old village came over the help move the new bed upstairs (There’s a Dutch saying…). We’d spent two weeks tearing down our room, sleeping in the living room, and re-painting.  It was time to get the new, exceedingly heavy, beast upstairs. While Cole, Dave & Kai worked on the furniture moving, Mandy & I did the Christmas shopping. I’m not sure who was more exhausted at the end of the day… the home team or the away team.

Mandy & I had scored, oodles of stuff was on sale with an extra clearance last weekend only, plus I had a coupon off my entire purchase. We were tired, but happy and picked up American pizza from post to bring home.  Now, I knew the men were tired when I walked in, but Kai practically skipped over to me, grabbed my hand to drag me upstairs to show off the new room. I wish I had full before pictures, with our old furniture (built in 60’s I think) disgracing our room.

It was, it is, breathtaking. So clean, simple & coordinated. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I need some new sheets to fit our new king size bed. Imagine a king size bed and just me & Dave! No babies. No toddlers. Just the occasional heart-broken teen. I want to blow up some my favorite photo’s on black & white canvas, but my room is gorgeous.  For the first time I have a room that is all coordinated. All me. Perfect for me and Dave.


Before, where the shrank/cabinet goes.


After with cabinet in place.


Before with Dino modeling the offending skylight.


After with the new bed & the Big Bang Theory


Manufacturer’s shot… STORAGE under the bed!!!