The worst thing about terror attacks, is the hate and anger that fills my heart. At least for me. Still, it pales in comparison to the pain and grief filling the hearts of all the victims. Monday was a long night. We had just settled in for the night when our phones started ringing off the hook.  House phone. Cell phone. Instant Messenger. The works. It is never good news when that happens late at night, instantly our hearts start racing and we worry about our loved ones.

It wasn’t our loved ones. It was another terror strike, this time in our beloved Berlin. My 2nd favorite city (Amsterdam will always be first), and home to my dear friend Min (Carin Grobe Design). A full-size freight truck had plowed through the Berlin Christmas Market.  Thankfully Min, and all her loved ones, is fine.  Sadly, twelve people lost their lives. Forty-eight more are injured.  Countless are grieving.

Those first hours, when not much is known, when the death & destruction fills my screens, when we check in, and check on, with loved ones, are filled with anger. My heart fills with hate at the evil that does this. At the evil that allows this. I can find no peace. No reason. I see only red.

Today my heart still breaks for all those affected. Not just those in Berlin, but at the Coptic Christian cathedral in Cairo, Nice, Brussels, and many more around the world. It is too numerous to list. I don’t know if it is because I am older, and more aware, or because the world has always been filled with anger, hate, fighting. It seems people have yet to find a way to cohabit this planet peacefully. This is not new.

I have no forgiveness in my heart for the senseless killings. Destruction. Evil. But I will not let my heart continue to be filled with hate or anger. I am focusing on the good. I am focusing on Christmas. I am praying for the end of evil. I am praying for the healing of those injured. I am praying for those in mourning.

Today I remember my first visit to Berlin. My amazement at what a beautiful city it is. I expected dirt. Skyscrapers. Grey. Instead I found wide streets, lined with beautiful trees. Gorgeous old buildings, commingled with new. I found a city still learning to live as one, East and West together but separate. I found memorials to the horrors of WWII, and memorials to millions of Jews murdered during the holocaust. I found art. I found beauty. To my surprise, there is still a piece of the infamous Berlin Wall standing. A tangible reminder of the division once in Germany.

Berlin is beautiful. Her people are beautiful. My heart is with Berlin. My prayers are with her.


De Gedächtniskirche or Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin


Christian, Soren & Dane, Cole, me & Tess and Dave in front of the Berlin Wall, 2010


Trying to recreate a Sandsation sculpture with Cole, Dane, Tess & Su in Berlin


Christian & Dane in front of the remaining Berlin Wall


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Not for standing on, as Tess is pointing out.


Cole, Soren & Dane, Christian, Tess & Dave at Checkpoint Charlie


Cole had to have a Russian hat, just like Soren. One of my all-time favorite photo’s.


The normalest picture of me & Min I could find. I ❤Min.