We moved into our new house last May, we knew when we purchased that we could walk through the woods in the backyard to the creek. Unfortunately, between the wood tics over the summer and the crazy, unplanned yard project last fall – we never made it down there. But, a few weeks ago we had 60* weather in February, so we decided to go on an adventure! 

Turns out, since last summer, the Beavers have been hard at work building a dam. We’ve gone down a few times (and I only remembered my almost dead phone one time for pictures). It’s been really fun to watch the dam grow and to see the trees they’ve chewed. Each time we’ve gone down, new trees have been started and old ones have  fallen down. It’s really neat to see nature at work like that! 

We invited some friends over, one of the kids LOVES beavers, to check it out. It’s crazy to have this kind of peaceful spot just minutes from our house! I promise to get down there with my camera and get some decent photos – or maybe I’ll charge my phone and take you guys down there live one of these days on Facebook! 

<3 Manda