My beloved camels are back (My Beloved Camels)! It’s been four years since the terrible fire at our local Kamelhof, or camel farm (Camel Farewell Memorial). Last year Herr Breitling finally sold his land and the surviving camels to a new family, the Sennerts. They have worked hard to revive the grounds and transform it into a wonderful, outdoor nature park complete with animals & fun. Sunday we took our new friends, Dave’s replacement, his wife and their kids, out for a day in the sun. Out of the hotel. And to meet my camels, The Dolphins of the Schwarzwald!

The Kamelhof is now a beautiful, green open space. The memorial stone the sole reminder of the horrific tragedy on January 31, 2013. That day 86 camels and one lama were lost. Gone forever in a huge blaze that quickly & completely engulfed their barn. All that was left were the lone supports, sentinels marking the place were so many died.

In April 2013, this was all that remained where once a big barn housed 87 camels.

The place where once the barn stood, where so many were lost, is being rebuilt completely into a new main building, replete with shop and restaurant. It’s not open yet, not until August 2017, but there is a wonderful biergarten next to the soccer golf field. We were too hot (after 8 years in Germany anything over 70°F is too hot) to play soccer golf but it looked amazing & fun & it’s on the agenda for Fall. Besides, we were there for the camels.

The camels seemed relaxed and happy, roaming the fields, each being groomed one by one by a determined caretaker. Just past the camels there is a petting zoo complete with bunnies, guinea pigs, geese, sheep and goats. The goats stole all our hearts!

We carefully walked into the pen, opening the outside gate, squishing together in the lock before opening the inside gates. Once in the pen, the goats came meh-meeeeh’ing right over. The kids happily picked grass and hand-fed them. Dane even demonstrated how to hop on rocks like a goat. We did visit the geese, bunnies, and guinea pigs. And while the bunnies were deemed the softest, all the kids wanted were the goats. They fell in love with the goats. I can’t really blame them, they are incredibly cute, friendly and funny. Their little hops would make the grumpiest grump smile.

We spent a good hour playing with goats, before wandering over to the playground, park and hay mountain. We sat in the shade while the kids played until thirst won over. We wandered back to the biergarten, happily ordering beer, french fries and ice cream to finish off a perfect afternoon.

My heart is still heavy with the loss of 87 camels, but seeing the beautiful new park, the growing herd, the goats, reminds me that life does go on. Life is good.

The Kamelhof is beautiful, green and filled with open space. The memorial stone still brings me to tears.

Happy camels mark the entry to the Kamelhof

All 87 camels lost.

I don’t know if this is Phönix, but he greeted me with smiles & love

The goats stole the kids hearts

I truly believe Dane is part goat

The camels are now housed in several different barns

The grounds now include a playground

there is even a mini barfuß (bare foot) path

It was very, very sunny. He cracks me up!

Water play is the best play!

King of the mountain!