Summer is full of fun, but for my family it’s mostly just full of baseball! That’s right, I’m a baseball mom and I love every stressful minute of it!

This spring/summer we had two kids playing. My middle son Alex’s first year of Coach Pitch Baseball (he played T-Ball previously), mom’s second year as team manager, and my oldest, Adam, playing for the 6th year along with my husband (Mike) coaching for (you guessed it) the 6th year.

We opted to stick with In House, more casual baseball over traveling for our oldest – considering that that would already put as at 6 nights a week of baseball – and it turned out to be such a good choice! Because he played lower level ball, other teams were able to ‘call him up’ to fill out their rosters for games and tournaments. So, it’s truly been a crazy summer trying to keep track of which team Adam is playing for when and what uniform he needs to wear! Not to mention still getting Alex to his practices and games!

Honestly though, I love it. After so many years of watching, I understand the game. I find myself cheering loudly, my heart racing, my chest filled with anxiety when my kid is up or the ball flies towards his position, and my face lighting up with pride when he does well! But, this last weekend, I realized what a baseball mom I had become.

We were all set up at Adam’s game. We have to win this one to clinch 3rd going into the championship tournament in a couple of weeks. Nerves are high. Our Umps were running late, so I walked across the park to the other game that was being played. One of the teams was filled with a bunch of kids we played with last year. I sat down and heard myself yelling and cheering! Almost 2 innings later, our Umps were finally ready – and I made my way back to my kids game. I laughed at myself. Here I am, a mom who 6 years ago knew absolutely nothing about baseball to a mom who goes to watch games of kids that aren’t her own!

Our season is winding down for the year, Adam has one more regular season game tonight, and then our big championship tournament the weekend of July 7. Alex finished up last Saturday. I am truly looking forward to getting some time back (I feel like I haven’t seen my husband in months – we mostly just cross paths in the evenings on our way to baseball) but I am going to miss spending my evenings and weekends at the ball park.