Ice skating is still a passion over here. Even more so after a couple of weeks of lessons & regular rink visits. In fact, ice skates are now at the top of everyone’s Christmas lists… even mine! I had the wrong, blunt blades & too big, skates this week and it sucked. I’m convinced. I need my own. Need.

Still, even with not perfect skates I glide over the ice, smooth, cool, elegant as a swan in flight. Until I see my crush. I see my crush come swooping over the ice, one leg lifted in a perfect pose, and I feel like bumbling Uncle Vernon (of Harry Potter fame). I can watch her skate for hours.

Tess & I first noticed her during Dane’s second lesson. Since then we’ve been avidly stalking her. Our short-term goal is to say “hello”, our long-term goal is to get her to teach Tess how to be so graceful on ice. Right now we are both too star-struck to even say “hello”. It could be a long process.

Tess did manage to make eye contact; “like 10 times!” today but a simple “hello” is just not forth-coming. This despite all evidence that our crush is a kind & friendly woman. We’ve watched her give hints to other young skaters, or even hold their hand for a turn or two around the rink. We’re just bursting with shyness, and have been reduced to friendly stalkers.

For now we are determinedly practicing our Mohawk turns with the help of Youtube. Youtube has an answer for everything.

Ice Skating lessons are paying off!

There she is! Graceful & beautiful ❤

Kamilla & Tessa

Kami getting the hang of it!

My beautiful girl ❤

Dane & his best skating buddy

She just makes it look so effortless

This is… stealth skating!

Tess is following in my crush’s skate steps

Grace on ice… someday this will be me.

No outing is complete without a dab. Still.