This month has been filled with a lot of exciting things for our family, my emotional sanity is shot!

We’ll start with the middle one, his big January excitement was FINALLY being old enough to play basketball. He goes twice a week to clinics run by our high school JV and Varsity teams and he is so proud!

My oldest is half way through his first year of middle school. He’s keeping up on his grades, making new friends, and taking on that teenage ‘leave me alone’ attitude. Last week, I was invited to a special ceremony at school, it’s something I had never heard of before but a really neat milestone to celebrate. It was the Halfway to Graduation ceremony. At 6.5 years through his education, he is a mere 6.5 years away from that high school diploma. They focused on being future ready, reminding them they have support of the staff and their peers and encouraging them to keep reaching for their goals. They also filled out a survey about themselves which they turned in and will get back along with their diploma in 6.5 years. Plus, they got a high school diploma (with their name and graduation date – June 6, 2024 –  on it, ripped in half! How cool is that? Watching my kid walk into a room to Pomp and Circumstance was a little bit more than this momma was ready for though.

And my baby, my little man – not such a baby anymore. Last week we headed to Kindergarten registration night. The forms are in, and it’s official – my baby, my last one, will be off to full time school in the fall. Kindergarten. He’s practically half way to graduation already – and my momma heart is having a hard time watching all of these changes and milestones happen before my eyes.

They grow up too darn fast.