It’s a fierce competition who is the biggest Harry Potter fan, me, the kids, the boys, Lindsay… when we went to Harry Potter world there were some very sad faces in the states. So while we were green with jealousy, we were still super excited when Soren & Lindsay went to Harry Potter Florida after Christmas. They sent lots of texts, photo’s & video’s of the fun. It was almost like we were there too. Except only Lindsay got a brandnew magic wand. My jealousy may have overflowed a bit just then.

Their second night after a full day of Harry Potter World was also New Years Eve. Soren had booked a room on the 16th floor so they would have a perfect view of all the fireworks. But Linday was tired. She’d walked all of HP for two days. She’d gotten her much desired wand. For Lindsay, her world was perfect.

Soren had other plans. Big plans. He grabbed her chair and pushed & pulled till it was at the window. Front row seat for the fireworks. Just before midnight 2017. Lindsay dutifully looked out the window a little excited for fireworks after all, now that she didn’t have to walk on her throbbing sore feet. Suddenly, in the reflection of the window, she caught a glimpse of Soren pulling a small, it-could-only-be-one-thing box, out of his back pocket.

Lindsay froze. She sat there not moving. Not turning. Determinedly looking out at fireworks that hadn’t quite started. Soren got down on one knee, turned her chair so she had to look and asked her to marry him. In Lindsay’s own words:

“What!?!? Really?!?! OMG! Is this real!?!?”

Soren answered all her questions and kept waiting. In Soren’s own words:

“I still didn’t have an answer.”

Finally she said YES! And we are getting a new daughter. In Dutch we would say mijn geluk kan niet meer stuk. In English: my happiness can’t break.

Welcome to the family Lindsay