My first day in Roswell, I slept. I slept almost the whole day! I think all the stress, anxiety, worry, from the last 6 weeks finally caught up to me. Thank goodness for a wonderful Mother-in-Law (heretoforth just known as Gramma)! She let me sleep, despite being so excited for visitors, and “entertained” tweedle-dee & tweedle-dum (aka, Cole & Tess).

I’m not sure who was happier to see who, Cole & Tess each other, or Gramma to see all of us. What I do know is that after almost two years, smiles were extra wide & hearts were extra happy. Especially mine!

On Monday, after work, Gramma ran us up to the Bottomless Lakes, one of my favorite spots in the world. This series of nine cool, underground water-fed lakes are a welcome relief to the hot New Mexico desert. The algae in the lakes create a gorgeous teal color against the red sands.

I think I take the same series of photo’s every time, and yet I never get tired of either photographing or visiting. It’s a treat to my eyes and soul.  Watching my kids dive in and enjoy the lake, squealing, laughing, playing as if they were still little makes my day.

Refreshed and tired from the heat and swimming we went home to Gramma’s six cats & 1 chihuahua. Feeding the menagerie and giving them all pets is a perfect way to end a perfect day. After my sleep marathon on Sunday I was surprised to find myself fast asleep again before 10 pm.

The rest of this week has flown by. Every day there’s been work, lazing about, taco trucks, a little thrifting or antiquing, maybe some shopping, a little gardening, a little life as it was pre-pandemic. It feels like the pandemic passed Roswell by. While masks are still required by the Governor’s order, most businesses leave it up to the customer. Cases here are less than 2% and vaccination rates are over 30%. It makes for an ideal oasis.

I miss home. I can’t wait to see Dave & the boys & our cats again, but, I’m going to miss the freedom of stores & restaurants & sight-seeing here in the US. I’m going to miss the family I leave behind.

All first stops in Roswell are at Bottomless Lakes!

I will always love this tower in the desert

Cole is practicing his hand stands lol

I love the peek of the water through the lake entrance

And the view from above

Day Two: Following the Butterfly Trail at the refuge

Gramma & Cole

Tess & Cole

It looks like a giraffe should walk up & eat leaves

Desert & sky


Tess, me, Cole & Gramma