Retirement is scary. It is stressful. There are all kinds of new worries. But. There are some good things. One of the good things, one the things I was so looking forward to, was the end of the 50 shades of green.

All you Army wives, and soldiers, know exactly what I’m talking about. Socks. The stupid not-one-shade-of-green-alike Army socks. The bane of our existence.

Every. Single. Week. For 20+ years. These socks, and I’m pretty sure some are original to Dave’s enlistment in the 1980’s, I’ve tried my damndest to match them. There is not one sock that truly matches another. Somehow, magically, the Army issues a different shade, including two shades per pair, every single time. This is what I’ve been looking forward to as retirement got closer. No more Army socks.

The thing is, Dave retired September 30, 2017. This picture, of his favorite socks, was taken today: February 3, 2018. Five months later and every single gorgeous, loved,  uniquely shaded sock is still in our home. He loves them. They aren’t leaving.

I’m crying.