I have very few words today. Like they say, a smile is worth a thousand words… and I am smiling! It says it all.

Saturday was a grey, dreary day. All the things were still not going my way. I had been messaging with my friend Karen over the last weeks, she is in the final weeks of retiring from the navy. Terminal leave. I had missed her retirement ceremony and my heart was filled with guilt. Suddenly she texted:

“Can you pick me up tomorrow?” Karen lives in Virginia.
“There’s a flight out of Norfolk tonight! I can get on!”

And she did. Saturday night, six hours after texting me, Karen hopped a military cargo plane. Sunday afternoon I held her in my arms and squeezed as tight as I could! She’s here till Thursday. She’s here till tomorrow. I’m soaking up every second. Every second is brighter. I can do anything with a friend by my side.

Me & Karen


new baby moo!