This past week my kids were on Spring Break. As is our tradition, we chose a house project and the kids and I headed out of town. We went to Wisconsin to spend a few days with my Granny, their Great Granny. Trips to Granny’s are special. At Granny’s house there are always treats, you can throw balls in the garage (and hit them with bats or rackets), Granny will always sit down to play a game with you and there is no end to the number of bedtime stories that will be read! And for this mom, going to Granny’s means a mom-break. The kids only want Granny so I can take a guilt-free nap, catch up on my TV shows or run out and do some shopping without worry.

This trip included playing a new game called Pop N Hop, coloring Easter eggs, going for walks, writing a song, eating junk and lots (and lots) of cuddles! Within minutes of leaving Granny’s, they started peppering me for a countdown to the next time we’ll go. I love the connection they have with their Great Granny, and how much she loves them right back.