Last week, we had a snow day. Where I live, snow days are uncommon, and even more so in April. In fact, this was the first snow day ever called in April in our district’s history. But, the winds were blowing, the temps were dropping and most cities had already started summarizing their plows – meaning clean up was going to be a challenge. So, snow day.

We ended up with just shy of 12″ of snow, a pretty good dumping (again, especially for April) of the really heavy, wet snow. The perfect snow for playing in. So, I sent the little’s outside to play. After making snow angels, they asked if I would take a video of them singing the “Sharer’s Snow Day song,” so I did. The Sharers are a YouTube Channel. A trio of siblings do crazy things with popular trends like Nerf, fidget spinners, silly challenges etc all while spreading the message “Share the Love.” Compared to some of the other things they want to watch, this channel is one of my favorites because they are always DOING never sitting around playing video games. This is a very popular YouTube channel with their age-group right now, and they have millions of subscribers.

After recording their little video, I posted it on my Instagram page with a few hashtags and went on with my day. A few hours later, I was back on Instagram and saw I had some likes – and imagine my surprise when I saw that all three of the Sharer’s – these YouTubers my kids are obsessed with – had liked their video. I told the boys that Carter, Lizzy and Stephen had watched their video and liked it – and they were over the moon! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them feel so special. (So, thanks Carter, Lizzy and Stephen for making their snow day extra amazing.) Here it is, if you’re curious – Alex and Lucas sing Snow Day!