My mom loves cows. She has all the cow things in her house. Cows just make her happy. Like giraffes make me happy. Animals are proven to increase happiness, health and quality of life. Sometimes giraffes are better, sometimes cows are better.

Luckily for my mom, cows are everywhere! Especially “home” in the Netherlands (never say Holland around her. Never!). I took a couple quick trips outside the family compound to see cows. Not just for my mom. Not just to take a breather from family. But to be with cows. Honestly? Cows make me happy too.

Dogs however. Dogs love me. My cousin, Sabine, has a dog. Diesel. Diesel loves me. In fact while trying to photograph the cows on the hill behind his house, Diesel saved me from the cows. True story. I have a video (below) of Diesel saving me from cows.