Years ago I shared Tess’ Fahrrad überprüfen. I never shared Dane’s Fahrrad überprüfen but trust me, he had one. In fact, he just had a second one. Not a full one, but a police visit to the school to ensure all the bikes were up to code. They were. Except Dane’s. Dane’s bike failed. Of course it did.

A Fahrrad überprüfen is simply a bike check. Usually this goes hand in hand with the fahrrad führerschein or bike (riding) license. Dane’s license is fine. He’s good to go. His bike was not. He didn’t have a handbremsen, or hand brake, so his bike was not street legal. This was a problem for us. There are streets between our house & the school. The bike is how he gets to school.

Luckily Dane had a birthday coming up. Yesterday he turned 11. Eleven! Where does the time go? My oldest is getting married. My youngest is rapidly approaching the teens. I need a magic wand. I need to slow down time.

At first I was mad I had to buy a new bike for Dane. Then I took a close look at his old bike. It was too small. Dane has grown, not just in the last year, but in the last month! He’s needed new shoes twice this year already. Not because he’s worn them out, but because his feet have grown too big. It’s only May.

Then I thought about it some more. Dane has never had a brandnew bike. He’s had hand-me-downs only. Having 4 older brothers will do that to a kid. Suddenly I felt a lot happier about buying him a brandnew bike. I felt even happier when just Dave & I went bike shopping. A date! Wooooohooooooo!

We bought him a beautiful bike. A bike my designer eye fell in love with, stark black & whites with just a splash of red on the pedals. Dave liked the price. Dane loved the 10 gears. A grown-up bike!

The only thing missing? Well… four things missing? Headlight. Rearlight. Front reflector. Back reflector. The new bike didn’t pass the Fahrrad überprüfen either. But! Dane got tools too. He’s busy dismantling the old bike, and updating the new bike. Win-win!

Testing out the new bike!

New bike!

Close-up of the birthday boy!

Opa (my dad) + Dane