My kids are baseball players, and we are right in the midst of ball season – which means that we don’t get a lot of family time. It’s a lot of crossing paths on our way to someones practices or games. It gets to be a lot sometimes, but watching the kids play makes it so worth it! Most weeks we have 6-9 games/practices to get to in the evenings, my husband coaches and I am team manager for both teams and the bench mom for one. It’s a crazy life we live – and if you need us, we’ll be at the ball park!

My youngest hasn’t started yet, technically he could be playing T-Ball, but with coaching responsibilities, we couldn’t get both him and the middle where they needed to be when they needed to be there this year. So he’s doing sports day-camp this summer to learn the skills so he’s ready to play next year! But, he’s always on the sidelines cheering his brothers on (and playing with his baseball buddies)!

My middle son, Alex, is playing coach pitch for the second year. He loves playing and feels so proud when he’s wearing his uniform. This year, he’s on the Royals. I am a bench mom on his team, which lets me get to know all of the kids pretty well (and keep them from hurting each other with the bats….). It’s so fun to watch them learn the basics and improve throughout the season. As we start, everyone hits and everyone runs the bases – but starting next week they are playing with real outs – and that is a very different experience for them!

This year my oldest is playing traveling ball – which is a much bigger commitment. Plus, my husband coaches! His games are not just in our community, but surrounding ones up to 40 minutes away. He plays several games a week, starting as late as 8PM and in tournaments many weekends (these can be hours away from home….requiring hotel stays). But he LOVES it. And so do we. Being a part of the traveling baseball community is awesome. The games are very competitive, the parents are there to support each other (other moms send me photos all the time, since I can’t be at many of Adam’s weeknight games) – it’s awesome. Plus, they have really cute shirts for moms to wear while cheering!

So there you go, if you’ve been wondering where I am or why I’m so quiet these days, it’s because of baseball! Now I have to run – I have time for a cup of coffee with my husband before he and Adam are off to Saturday morning practice!