It’s unbelievable today is finally here. I’ve been waiting the better part of a year for today. Today I go home. To where I was born. Where I grew up. Where I went to school.

It is my grade school reunion. My grade school has closed. It is to be no more. For one last day we all get the key. We all get together. All of us. All the years. Spanning decades. To say hello. To say goodbye. My heart is racing.

I’m sitting back at the bakery. Sweet smells surrounding me, coffee in front of me, laptop whirring. The faster I finish work, the faster I can drive home. My heart is pounding.

It’s hard to believe I was here not even two weeks ago. Holland isn’t far. a four hour drive but it’s rare that I come twice in one month. This time it’s planned. It’s been planned. Last time I drove with a heavy heart, to pick up my dad, to visit my gravely ill uncle.

Last time my dad & I took an afternoon off. An afternoon wandering the quaint streets of Maastricht. One of the prettier cities in Holland. My dad on a mission to load up on haring, me on a mission to capture all the photo’s. We both succeeded. I double succeeded. I got fish & photo’s!