Even in Germany there is prom. Much to the delight of Germans & teens alike. Tess got quite a few looks here in our tiny little village, and even some compliments from passerby’s. Because. Of course I made her pose. And pose some more. Luckily she did so happily & I got over 100 perfect shots.

I know I’m biased, she is after all my daughter, but I absolutely love how her fun, mischievous, impish personality shines through on camera. I was hard-pressed this morning not to break the internet with all her beautiful photo’s. She is so fantabulous to photograph!

She even let me take a couple photo’s at prom. Even with her mask on! I am in love with this years theme “Old Venice Masquerade”. I think the prom committee outdid themselves. Fabulous theme. Gorgeous location. Happy kids. Sometimes it’s hard being so far from home, missing out on family, events, holidays, traditions. I’m truly grateful that prom is a tradition not forgotten, not lost, even here in Germany. Tess had a blast.