Yesterday I had a much needed day out. Not just out but to a brandnew-to-me, my new favorite city in Germany, Würzburg!

Würzburg was not just beautiful, adorable, historic, quaint, idyllic, captivating, delightful and a myriad of other words; the day was beautiful. Sunny, warm but not hot, whispy clouds in the sky and a cool breeze blowing off the Main river. I think I’m going to pick delightful as the word of the day.

My girl friend Laura has friends visiting from the states, Jeff & Steve. She knew I needed a little bit of happiness & beauty, and asked me to join them. I’m so glad she asked. So glad I said yes. So surprised I’d never been to Würzburg.

Würzburg is maybe an hour and a half from home. It’s an easy drive up the A81 and A3. I’m always surprised how much beauty & history is just off the autobahn. Just around the corner where you can’t see it till you get there. I have driven that stretch of road many times, seen the signs, and never pulled off.

Würzburg was Laura’s first duty station as a newlywed. She gave birth to her first child there. She knows, and loves, Würzburg well. Once we got there, I need zero convincing that Würzburg needs to be on our must-visit list. We drove in past the Marienberg fortress, impressive in size, gorgeous to behold, surrounded by vineyards. This was our first stop.

The oldest part of the fortress dates back to 1000. That’s not a typo. 1000. Many of the buildings are newer (built in 1200 or later) and much of it is restored after WWII, and still being restored. Still, it is a step into another time, another place. You can feel the spirit of the past as soon as you drive in to park beween the massive walls.

While I enjoyed the interior, the tour, the history, the relics of the past, I enjoyed the outside, the gardens, the view the most. I could’ve stood on the battlements forever, overlooking Würzburg, the main and the “100 churches” that is just one of its claims to fame.

One day, even a day lasting till midnight, is not enough. I cannot wait to go back.