I need help! Any techies out there? My Scandisk SD Card won’t open! My camera won’t recognize it, or my laptop or my desktop. It’s got all my Day 1 & inside shots of Comic Con on it. I want my photo’s. I’m crying people! Please help? With a cherry on top?

It’s even worse because I didn’t go to Comic Con day two. I had a full day of work & homework. I did go pick up Deku, erm, Tess. And I did get some wonderful shots of cosplayers leaving the building. After weeks of cobbling together our own cosplay, we have an immense respect for cosplayers. It is an artform.

Tess has gotten very good at make-up and her wig game is on point. As I type, she has six styrofoam heads up in her room. Each balancing a beautiful, perfectly styled wig for different anime characters. Up until last month, I had no idea you had to style wigs after you bought the wigs. The things I’m learning from my kids!

For months Tess & Dave have been working on a Voltron armor. We’ve got foam playmats, heat guns, home-made patterns (I wish Tess had let me take pictures of her walking around in cardboard & duct tape!), and paints galore cluttering my living room. I almost don’t have enough room for my quilting any more!

Sadly, the Voltron armor did not get done in time and Tess cosplayed a modified Keith on Day 1 (photo’s stuck on SD card, please help!) and I gave up on my Haggar costume at the last minute. The hood was just not right. Next year will come soon enough. Part of me was sad not to cosplay, I love, love, love dressing up. Part of me was elated.

If you have a good cosplay at comic con, especially a group cosplay, then your day is spent standing & posing for pics with hordes of adoring fans. Or for hordes of adoring photographers (ahem, me!). And while I love hordes of adoring fans, I’m much happier moving around freely, unnoticed, taking pictures. That makes my day.

Look who Dane met in the bathroom!!!!

Tess cosplayed as Deku on Day 2

Waaaaaaaaaaay too many scary clowns!

Where’s Waldo?

The armor is especially impressive!

Must stock up on anime wine!

I love to sit just outside & watch the cosplayers leave. It’s like a parade!

You are never, ever, too old to dress up as a Disney princess ❤

Dane, Elly & Tess

…and it’s over 🙁