It had been almost two years since I had a haircut. A real haircut, not a quick trim in the bathroom from Dave or Tess. I needed not just a haircut, but a style. Something sleek, sassy, updated. I have a wedding to attend after all! So last Tuesday Tess & I headed to downtown Stuttgart. I had a hair appointment. I was filled with excitement and anxiety.

The good news is, I have a wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful hair style! The bad news, I have pictures of everything but the hair. I’d meant to hand my camera over to Tess, to shoot some pics of me with my hair in Stuttgart. But first, we needed a snack. It took three hours to get my hair looking this good!

The thing is, as we walked through downtown, me snapping some shots of people relaxing and enjoying a beautiful summer evening, we suddenly stumbled upon a surprise fest! Not a surprise to Stuttgart, Stuttgart knew. But a surprise to us. Why? I don’t know. I should know by now there’s always a fest in Stuttgart.

This time it was the Sommerfestival der Kulturen, aka cultural summer festival. In it’s 18th year, there are over 40 cultures represented in shopping booths, food booths and music. It’s  a glory for the senses. Our eyes feasted on all the colorful wares for sale, our noses sniffed up the wonderful food smells, and our ears moved our feet towards the band. We got there just in time for Red Baraat to take the stage.

Playing a mix of Bhangra Brass & Bollywood, Red Baraat mixes up traditional Indian sounds with modern hip-hop, jazz and rock. Sounds we don’t normally hear but that are completely infectious & joyous. Tess & I stopped by the stage and let the beat take over. We danced & grooved & enjoyed the evening with a wonderful mix of people. What a surprise! What a treat! What a wonderful way to end a mother & daughter day out.

With the sun going down, Tess & I make our way through dowtown Stuttgart

We briefly join the people sitting in front of the new castle on the Schloßplatz

Do you see the old Evangelische Stiftskirche reflecting in the Mixed Realities window? Apropos, no?

More people enjoying snacks & sunset on the steps

Picnic’ing & kicking a ball. Everyone is happy 😀

The poet Friedrich Schiller erected in 1839

Stuttgart at night, or sunset, is magical

and suddenly… FEST! Our first clue were the market booths.

and food booths! What to choose. What to choose!?!!?

Noooooooooo! There’s a band!

And it’s the cultural summer festival. Now I know.

We are quite enjoying the new-to-us Indian music

How often is a tuba part of a band?

You can’t hear it here, but they have wonderful, warm, open personalities too!

I can’t play the drums, let alone two sides of one drum… and sing too!?!? Talent. Respect.

It’s slowly becoming night. It’s a school night & I gotta get home & tuck Dane in.

No beer for me. I drove. I should’ve taken the train. Aurgh!

The booths look even more inviting with the steet lights.