After working together for 8+ years, and me begging for most of those 8 years, Manda (Nibbles Skribbles) & her husband Mike finally made the long trek to Germany. We planned the trip for most of a year, with three boys at home planning was critical & time was short. Luckily they had me! Not only had I been most of the places, I have a van. Have van, will travel. I can scoot them anywhere…fast!

Except. Days before their flights out I broke (Pride Before Fall). Suddenly not only were we losing precious time together, but their easy Toiny-guided, first-trip-to-Europe was suddenly not so easy.  Everything here is different. The smells, sights, people, language, customs. It makes a simple train ride anxiety-inducing. It makes finding food hard (this is worth a whole blog post! Maybe Manda will do one). Bathrooms are scary (how do you pay? where’s the seat?). All the things that I would manage, they had to manage on their own.

Thankfully I have amazing friends & Laura picked them up from their airport in Frankfurt, and took them right to Strassbourg, France. Their first day was long, amazing & filled with new experiences & treats (croissants in France? Yes please!). My kids had put together one of my favorite German dinners (bacon on a stick) and Mike helped grill our pork steaks. I even escaped from the hospital days early to be there when they finally got here.

I spent my days in the hospital booking trains, hotels & guided tours. And while I put them on the wrong train to München, they used their best google-translate German to get their tickets rebooked. Their trip to Salzburg & Eagles Nest was a trip of a lifetime. Dave & Nick took them to Neuschwanstein and the Rhine Falls in Swizterland. In between day trips & overnight jaunts, they were here. With me. In my house.

We spent hours giggling in my office/convalenscent room. Mike helped me when my keyboard died. I helped Mike with bookings & planning the train to Paris. While I would’ve loved to be with them every minute of their visit, seen their faces, watched their joy at new experiences, taken all the pictures, I am still thrilled we got to visit. It wasn’t enough. Not by a long shot. But I think we will do it again.

I can’t wait!

Manda, me & our rat babies Shea & Toffee. Because.

Mike helping me work in my “new” office

Manda helped by taking Tess’ 1st Day of School photo’s

Cole drove Mike & Manda for day trips & to the train in Stuttgart

Mike & Manda and Toiny & Dave

Mike & Manda at the Baumwipflepfad in the Black Forest

The other castle at Neuschwanstein: Schloss Hohenschwangau at night

The Rhine Falls

Mike & Manda at the Rhine Falls

Manda & a swiss cow

Mike & Manda in Triberg visiting cuckoo clocks

Dave & Nick with one of the worlds largest cuckoo clocks