At least once a year, we hop in the car and make the 30 minute trek south to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store! This place is insane! The building is HUGE and every inch is covered in candy. This isn’t the kind of candy store where you grab an empty bag and choose your bulk candy – this store has EVERYTHING! From the nostalgic candies of our childhoods to the crazy, unique stuff from all around the world! The kids absolutely LOVE it!

In addition to the tables and tables of candy, they have a lot of really neat decor – super heroes, oversized candy machines, amazing art….most of which I didn’t think to photograph when we went earlier this week – but it’s overwhelming and so fun!

The kids ran off to find just the treat they wanted. No one was more excited than my youngest, who has been dying to try gummy sushi after seeing it in a You Tube video months ago. He found it, and wouldn’t let go of it. Turns out, it wasn’t very good – but he didn’t care, he was in candy heaven!

We only stay as long as it takes the kids to pick out their perfect treat, but it’s always a blast to wander. I love seeing treats that you don’t find on shelves regularly anymore (candy cigarettes, ‘Tato Skins and cry babies to name a few). It was a wonderful family day – and I am already looking forward to our next visit!