We took a little road trip from Columbus to North Carolina. For the first time in over 10 years, we got to celebrate my mom’s, De Oma, birthday with her! I’m not sure who was happier. Me. The kids. Or Oma!

Luckily my mom is an early-to-bed person, and my kids are watch-the-sun-rise people. As soon as she hit the hay, we raced to Walmart (YAY for all  night shopping!) and picked up “slingers”, birthday signs and balloons. Did you know they have light up balloons? We didn’t! And despite saying 15-hours on the packages now, 5 days later, they are still glowing away. I love these!

After Walmart, I was exhausted. I did drive all day. True. But Walmart is HUGE and my kids wanted to explore every nook & cranny. What an amazing store. We found six million things we didn’t need,  didn’t know existed, and luckily didn’t have the money and/or suitcase room for. Walmart may be affordable, but it is bound to make you go broke!

What we did need were those light-up balloons. Those are fabulous! I’m going back to get more. I can think of so many uses for light-up balloons. This time we used them to decorate Oma’s house, and these made for a wonderful early morning surprise. She loved them! We love them. I need more.