Points are back at the Studio! That means not only are challenges fun, inspiring & social, they are also worth… well, points. Basically each challenge, each unique layout for a challenge, earns you 100 points.

And what do points get you? They give you spending power on our monthly Studio Store Collections:

  • 1 Bundle = 1000 Challenge Points
  • 1 Kit = 600 Challenge Points

You may accumulate points & redeem them whenever you prefer, but you may only redeem up to 2000 Challenge Points per month.  You can read the full rules & ask any questions HERE.

Let’s take a quick look at our fabulous monthly challenges for October, and then we’ll dive deeper into just one. Ready? Set? Let’s go:

My new favorite is Bryony & Jen’s Template Mash Up Challenge October 2018! I’ve become quite the template scrapper. For someone who’s job is running a scrapbooking store, I have remarkably little time to scrap. Templates make it easier, faster & quite frankly funner!

And what makes funner even funner(er)? Template Mash Up! OMG! I love this idea! I love having Bryony’s traditional-style templates mashed up with Jen’s art-journaling style templates. I’m dying to play. This is going to be my me-time on Monday.

Here’s how it works:

They took Jen’s Creative Canvas Templates No15 12×12 and Bryony’s Choose Joy Everyday Templates and created a FREE Mash Up template for you to play with. For me to play with! Oh, I am so excited to give this one a whirl.

I may not have time to play this week, I most definitely will next week, but Jen did. She moved outside her comfort zone & played with their first Mash Up Template. What do you think? I think it turned out beautifully.