Trick or treating is still not very big here in Germany, though the villages closests to the American bases are starting to get in the spirit (pun intended!). We’ve gone to the Patch Barracks base every year for our trick or treating. This year Tess begged us to stop by the high school on Panzer Kaserne (base). The high school & elementary school share a campus, and they were running a Trunk or Treat.

It turns out it was the first-ever Trunk or Treat and a fundraiser for a great cause. It’s been almost 3 months since I broke my ankle. A minor injury, in the great scheme of things, that still has me using a wheelchair for events like Trunk or Treat. A minor injury that only had me in the hospital for six days. Six days that tested my family greatly.

Many of our soldiers, and their families, spend much longer in the hospital. They spend much longer recovering. Fisher House is an invaluable resource during some of the most stressful times. I love that our students care enough to support such a great organization. It makes my heart all warm & fuzzy.

Stuttgart Elementary/High School’s bus loop turned into “Spookytown” for one night only as the high school’s National Honor Society (NHS) held its first “Trunk or Treat” event, Oct. 31.

School staff and members of student clubs were invited to decorate their vehicles and distribute candy to young attendees. More than thirty vehicles were present, according to SHS senior Autumn Andin, who was part of the NHS team that organized the event. Donations were collected on-site for Fisher House, a non-profit organization that provides housing for patients receiving care at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, as well as their families.

Bardia Khajenoori
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

One more little push for Fisher House, it is the top-rated Veterans charity organization, according to Charity Navigator. If you are looking for a charity this upcoming holiday season, may I recommend this one? It’s near & dear to my heart. Not because of my own injury, but because of the soldiers I’ve known that have been in long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation. It’s a very long, difficult journey. Having your family nearby makes a difference in healing time. Even more important, having your family there makes a difference in survival. Period.

Phew. I’m getting a little heavy there for  a light-hearted post that’s all about the candy! Dane & I trunk or treated at the school first. He’d push my chair, spin it around so I could take pictures, then go back and collect his treats. Our treats.

We quickly learned that I was a very sympathetic figure.

“Is that your mom?” Most whispered, some just asked out loud.
“Yes.” Dane would answer.
“Here. This is for her.” They replied. Every. Single. One. I have candy until 2020. And that was before we left Trunk or Treat for Trick or Treat at Patch.

I am old. The Freshman class of 2022.

It’s like an episode of Fun with Flags!

This wins the Cutest award

I’m pretty sure he does not want to give up his candy, but take mine…

Creative reuse of those 4th of July onesies LOL!

The Mystery Machine!

My car looks like this now too… after not driving it for 4+ months…

The winner of the Spookiest award!

Happy pirates!

I so want to decorate my trunk too!

The winner! Her costume is on point!

It turns out my camera takes video’s too! I got some of Dane’s breakdance moves, Tess’ & the SHS drumline!