Every year, since 2010, we’ve done a daily Advent Calendar at The Studio. Quite simply, it’s a daily (free) download. Our little gift to you. Our way to bring a little joy to the holiday season. This year we have a new,  freemini every day from November 29, through Christmas Day December 25th. Be sure to receive our Daily Newsbrief to never miss a day this Christmas season.

This year I was inspired by the Rainbow Tree featured on Martha Stewart. I’ve always dreamed of having a perfect, designer, tree. Instead I have a wonderful, eclectic, handmade, kid-inspired tree. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of the possibilities.

Each day one of our talented Designers has a beautiful mini released in our store. Each mini coordinates with our gorgeous Rainbow Tree palette & theme, bringing light & joy to this Christmas season. And. Every day we feature one Designer and her work, all in a very special holiday sale.

Today it is Vero – The French Touch – in the spotlight! Pick up her Advent mini free and shop her Studio store for 40% savings!

Every day a brand new piece will unlock, simply add to your cart & check-out. It’s FREE!

Note: Each piece is free for 48 hours only. Rather than using a traditional 24-hour, one-day gift, we use the 48 hours to cover all time zones on the planet.  This means everyone from Germany, to America, to Australia has the opportunity to get each daily gift.

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Studio to all of you! ❤