I am walking better & better every day (Pride Before Fall). Which, therefore, means I’m walking too much every day. I start off strong, almost normal, and as the day wears on I lean more, crouch more, and turn into hop-a-long Cassidy. It’s not my favorite look.

I’ve been using my crutches, sometimes a crutch, sometimes Dave’s crutch (he’s got the shorter armband kind), but I feel uncool. And old. I don’t want to look old. Or feel old. Feeling old is even worse! So, I looked for a solution. Tess suggested a cane. She thought she was funny, because cane’s are for old people and I don’t want to feel old.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of a cane. Cane’s are sexier, sleeker, more streamlined than crutches. I’m thinking I can rock a cane. I searched Amazon for canes. Then I switched to Ebay. Then I accidently stumbled upon an ancient cane. An antique. A piece of German history. I found an old German wanderstöcke mit Abzeichen (walking stick with badges). Plus, it has a bell. I can ding-a-ling all I want and get those slow people to move out of my way! I found my cane.

These exquisite walking canes were used by men and women during a popular past time called Volksmarching. From Spring until Fall each German city hosts Volksmarches ranging in length from 5-10k. Still popular today, people travel from near and far in hopes to gain a city badge to nail to the stick as their trophy.

~Ebay Description

Germans are not big on second hand or the stuff they find in Oma/Opa’s attic. Me? I love it! I’m still missing my Oma and anything I can get my hands on from her era is like finding a little bit of her again. I easily won my bid on Ebay and two days later there was a big oblong package in my garage. My wanderstöcke was here!

I cannot tell you how much I love this. It really does give me that little added support, that extra hand to hold, when my foot gets too tired to do a good job walking. But more than that, look at it, it’s adorable! It’s like walking around with a little bit of history. I feel like a walking travel museum. I feel so happy with my wanderstöcke.

The kids, however, love my new weapon.

My wanderstöcke ❤


The Bell

More cowbell!

Places I haven’t been. Time to travel again!

Places I’ve been & need to see again. Especially Berlin.

I just love the abzeichen!

My ♡♥❤weapon❤♥♡