There are so many amazing things I want to show you from my trip, but we’ll get there. Today, I want to share a little more about our time in Salzburg. It was a fascinating city. From the Mirabelleplazt garden, to Mozart’s home, to the rolling hills to the river – it was stunning! If you don’t know, a lot of The Sound of Music was filmed there. While we didn’t tour all of the sights from the movie, we did spend a morning in the gardens at the Mirabelle Palace. They were simply stunning, and to bring it back to The Sound of Music, several scenes were filmed here, including parts of the Do-Re-Mi song!

While the time of our tour (On Top of the World) was decent weather, the time we spent in the city of Salzburg was mostly rainy and cold! We had our first experience of being touristy Americans, when a restaurant wouldn’t let us eat there because we were too wet! We walked around forever in the pouring rain trying to find a place to eat, the streets of Salzburg are kind of a maze, with beautiful architecture around each corner. Luckily, we are go with the flow people, and the rain didn’t stop us. In fact, after finding dinner (pizza and beer), despite the cold, we stopped for ice cream! Yum!

The morning we were leaving, we decided we wanted to visit the Hohensalzbug, a castle (fortress) up in the mountains overlooking the city. We didn’t care as much about seeing the inside, as seeing the views (which were worth it). But, one of our favorite memories from this trip happened inside the castle! We were among the first group of people to arrive for a tour that morning, after learning about the history and seeing some of the original rooms, we headed into the museum portion. My husband was really interested in the old weapons, and was admiring a display when a woman approached him. She was cleaning, and spoke no english. Mike, being a good person, followed her. She then pointed at a window. It was a few feet back, in an alcove, protected by a glass barrier (to keep people out). She pointed and made motions like she was opening it. After a few seconds, Mike realized what she was asking – she was too short! She couldn’t reach! She needed Mike to open the window of the castle. Despite the “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” signs all over the room, I pulled out my phone for a quick picture. My husband got to literally open the castle windows in Austria! What a memory!


Seriously, how gorgeous is this city?

The gardens were so big! You can see the Hohensalzburg Fortress at the top in the background.

I connected with this statue!

View of the mountains from the castle

This is why we wanted to take the trip up to the castle, this view is breathtaking!

And my sneaky photo of my husband opening the castle windows!