There’s not much happening in my little world. We are each buzzing around doing meaningless tasks. Meaningless things. Anxious. Waiting. So. Much. Waiting. Dave has been home almost a year. He’s been almost a year in his new job. We are still waiting for all the benefits that come with the job. It’s making life hard.

I am still struggling with walking. I am struggling with my moose, my Cole, being out of the house. I am just struggling. Every day I have to shake myself and move forward. Thank goodness for the two still at home, Dane & Tess. They make everything better. Easier.

My mom is in a funk too. “Her” hospital is changing photographers and with it her job is on hold. For years she’s been a volunteer. She dresses and poses the newborns for their first official portraits. Her babies are her everything. Now suddenly they are gone. She’s moping at home. At least twice a week we mope on Skype together.

But! She’s coming here! We are going to mope together in person! She’s looking at the bright side of not volunteering. Of not having her job. She’s going to come here and visit with me, visit with my sister in France, visit with her sisters in Holland. She hasn’t been here in over two years. Now she’s coming for two months!

I will take my rays of sunshine where I can.

My mom happily poses for me

My mom at the railway near her home in NC

I love train stations. I love small towns!

Southern Pines just takes me back to a previous life.

I love the Sunrise. Such a classic small town movie theater.