Inspiration can be found in all sorts of places. Every day life, while on vacation or taking a break. Browsing through a book or a magazine or just sitting in the garden with your eyes closed, letting the early Spring sunshine kiss your face…

Oh and Pinterest, of course! I often find myself browsing aimlessly through pages and pages of art, quotes, art journaling tutorials, poetry and cleaning tips (don’t judge!).

When I found this quote, I knew I had to make something to express these feelings:

Insomnia, the quiet insanity
That creeps slowly
Building potency with every passing hour..
The roaring rumbling of a restless mind
in empty silence is but the cruelest
of punishments for crimes not committed
and burdens undeserved..

In the colors of an early sunrise, this collection has everything you need to Art Journal, but with a wide variety of elements, both realistic and painted, is also very suitable for traditional or white space layouts.

Here’s some layout inspiration with my latest collection Quiet Insanity:

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To top it off; here’s a little freebie for you to enjoy:

Thank you so much for reading and hope to speak to you soon!

Hugs, Sonja