Our college visit weekend was jam-packed. We saw family. Picked up Dutch vlaai-pie’s. Dropped off a clock. And got up close & personal with Draco Malfoy! Well, I did.

I am starting to suspect that Tess picked HKU not because it’s an art school, but because their open day fell the same weekend, in the same city, as Dutch Comic Con. Because. Of course we went! Of course she cosplayed. Normally, honestly, I would cosplay too but it’s one thing to be a little old, a little chubby, and still be the character. Add in a gimpy walk, and I just couldn’t do it. It will be my treat to myself when I can finally walk like a normal person again.

Tess cosplayed as 6-year-old manga character that has not been animated yet. Because. Being obscure is awesome. Until you actually get to Comic Con and no one knows who you are. She did eventually find not one, but two of her people. She even found one dressed just like her! But it was the other one, dressed as another character in the same universe. That one? That one is a new lifelong friend.

Going to Comic Con with your mom is okay. It’s especially okay if mom cosplays. But I didn’t. It’s especially okay if your mom runs, skips, jumps & squeals from booth-to-booth with you. But I didn’t. This time I wasn’t that much fun and I slowed poor Tess down. Luckily, on our second or third circle of the main stage, I found a spot in the very front row. I plopped down and called it a day. My foot throbbing and Tess ready to venture out on her own.

I wound up with a front row seat to the Cosplayer Cat Walk and to none other than Draco Malfoy! Tom Felton!

Draco is no longer 12. He’s a grown-up young man. Older than my oldest. It was a little bit of a culture shock? Age shock? He has turned into a lovely, kind, funny, warm man. I loved hearing him talk, tell stories, and sing! Yep. Draco brought a guitar and yodeled with the best of them. When I tell this story to my kids, I tell them it was just me & Draco and he serenaded me.

We had to cross a Dutch canal to get into Comic Con. I am home. I am happy.

My beautiful girl. I forgot her characters name.. but it is NOT Inuyasha!

I need to know if he rode that bike with those feet ?

Dutch Comic Con is TWICE a year!

This one. She would not stop posing for me. I have a dozen more shots just as amazing!

I now need these horns. N-E-E-D.

Squeeeeeeeeee! R2-D2!


Some of the costumes are insane! Photobomb by Tess.

The cheshire cat made the costume.

There are TWO of them! I still don’t know who it is…

I forgot who he was cosplaying. My nerd flag is drooping.

I don’t know who she is either.. .but maybe Tina Turner from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Draco Malfoy! Tom Felton all grown-up & adorable

Draco Malfoy serenading ME!

I also found Jack Sparrow!

This Dude. Walking out all chill…