Our Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off today April 3, 2019! Anyone can join. Members, Admin, CT… anyone! You will be allowed to use any kit, any Designer for your layouts. The goal is to SCRAP!

The Cherry Blossom Festival is the first of our quarterly LAD (Layout-A-Day) Events. These are based on the very popular Snowed IN Event in January & your survey responses.

  • What is the Cherry Blossom Festival? Quite simply it’s a layout-a-day challenge for April.
  • What makes it spectacular? A prize-a-day. A beautiful mini that will build one spectacular mega! And daily bonus pieces to build a Cherry Blossom Family Tree!
  • What does that mean?  That means everyone that posts a layout on day one, gets one prize and one bonus piece. Wash, rinse, repeat every day. It’s only by playing every single day that you will get all the pieces to build the fantabulous Cherry Blossom Family Tree!

Play every day, receive the Cherry Blossom Festival mega free!

Play every day & get a free bonus piece to build your own Family Tree!

My family tree using the bonus pieces of the Cherry Blossom Festival

Other than traveling to Japan to see the famous Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom, I can’t think of a better way to ring in Spring than scrapping Come join us, make some friends, get inspired, collect free mini’s!