Hahahaha! I knew I’d blogged about Dane’s breakdancing before (Breakdancer). I didn’t realize it has been a year. It’s been a year and he’s still going strong. Stronger. He now goes three days a week, for up to six hours, and he’s preparing for his first breakdance battle. And, reading back from last year, he still dances with his tongue dangling out! Like I said…. Hahahaha!

Tongue. Out.

I am still fighting the dreadful lighting in the Festhalle (party hall). I am struggling to get good photo’s of him breakdancing. The spinning, flipping, lightening-fast moves are challenging enough. Low, yellow light makes it a mountainous challenge. I am really looking forward to his first “state” wide breakdance battle next month. I am willing the lightening to be amazing.

In the meantime, Dane is working on perfecting his windmill. His little body is riddled with bruises from flipping around on hard floors. His arms, back & stomach are rippling with muscles. It’s insane how physically intense breakdancing is. A fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by parents everywhere.

In fact, it’s gone so noticed that there’s a new thing called Breakletics. It is as it sounds. Breakdance + athlethics. It’s a breakdance workout. At the end of this years recital our local Breakletics group performed one of their routines, to one of their songs. I worked up a sweat just watching them. One routine. One song. Insane. They do it for an hour. I would die.

For now, I’m happy to cheer & clap & try to photograph Dane. And Dane’s tongue.

Trying to catch Dane mid-spin is almost impossible

Baby, take a bow