Last week was Dane’s Spring Break. It happened to coincide with a good friends Spring Break as well. It did not coincide with Tessa’s Spring Break. So, Dane & I went on a Spring Break getaway with Marijke, Mara & Melissa. We went to my favorite place on Earth… Beekse Bergen!

We debated camping, but with possible rainstorms on the schedule we choose a little chalet instead. Barely bigger than a camper, it fit the 5 of us just fine. Most of the time we weren’t even there, but hopping from the safari park (zoo), to speelland (big playground) to the pool. With waterslides. There was barely time to eat before the kids got tired and needed bedtime. Before I needed bedtime!

It was all great, wonderful, I have more words… but… really… I only have words for a brief 45 minute period. Because. I splurged. I spent an extra 30 to get a semi-private, off-road safari GameDrive!

While it’s not like a really real African safari, on the bucketlist, it is pretty amazing. We drove right up to the animals, including: gnu’s, antilope, zebra and even my favorite giraffes It was 45 minutes of pure bliss.

We had an cheerful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic driver who patiently answered my questions and happily drove over to my giraffes so I could say “hi”  up close and personally. For some reason giraffes love to nibble on roofs, and this time was no exceptions. Reni drove up to the giraffes, and they stepped closer to nibble on our roof. Stepped over so close that I could reach out my fingers and touch them! So close that drool almost dripped on my head. So close that I’m already planning my next visit.

I. Love. Giraffes.

Dane & a baby giraffe in the background during our GameDrive.


A zebra on GameDrive. This is a Grévy’s zebra, you can tell by the thinner stripes. I learned things!

While Reni joked about driving up to the lions, we didn’t! This is taken with my long lens. PHEW!

This boy. He would not AND look at me AND open his eyes. Stubborn boy.

This is the male ostrich laying on the egg. You can tell because he’s black. He’s on night brooding duty, so black is a better color for him.

Someday, I want to hug an elephant. I’m scared, but I want to anyway.

Who you looking at?

This guy! He loves his towel. He looks like he’s going to hit the showers any second LOL!

Dane & our travel companions having a swing-off.

Trampolines are GREAT for wearing kids out!

This, not the giraffes, was Dane’s favorite part of our trip.

Marijke took a photo of me & Dane in front of the safari park. He wanted to sit on the elephant. He wound up sitting on me.

Hi! This is my new best friend.